Restaurant Equipment for Sale
This is the last item on our closing checklist. We guarantee that our prices are fair and as good as you will find anywhere. Closing the Briar Patch was really a sad event for us ... so, the sooner we get the equipment sold the better we'll feel. CLICK HERE to send us an email with your interest!
Table imageSolid Wood Tables .......... $20.00 Each

Tables seat 4 adults. Not new, but they are very solid construction with many years of service left. There are 10 left in inventory.

Wood chairFiber chairSolid Wood Chairs .......... $10.00 Each

We have two different styles of chairs (see the images to the left). There are 16 remaining in inventory for sale. Again, they are not new, but they are very solid construction with many years of service left.

High chairSolid Wood High Chair ......... $35.00 Each
Brown Booster Seat..........$10.00 Each

We have 2 high chairs and 2 booster seats available. All are in good condition. Sorry, but we don't have pictures of the booster seats, they are standard restaurant brown plastic booster seats.

Wood blinds imageWooden Blinds .......... $20.00 Each

We have 10 blinds that are 48 in. wide / 64 in. high and 4 blinds that are 48 in wide / 81 in high.

Restaurant Tableware ........... Price on Request

White plates in different sizes, miscelaneous pots and pans, silverware, drinking glasses, juice glasses, and wine glasses. Sorry, but we don't have pictures of these items. Happy to provide additional information if you are interested. Think in terms of $1.00 per plate ...

Sink imageRestaurant Sink .......... $300.00

Stainless steel. In very good condition. Three compartments. Great condition.

Dish washer imageRestaurant Dish Washer .......... $800.00

Diversey Wyandotte low energy dish washing machine. Comes with 3 dish trays, 2 silverware trays, 2 wine glass or tall glass tray's, Keystone Detergent, Keystone Sanitizer, Keystone Rinse plus 3 deep bus buckets.

(and some that will be famous soon)
from the Briar Patch Tea Room
in Poquoson, Virginia.
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